Thank you for your interest in becoming an Event Horizon client. You can simply call us at 1-800-339-7150, or email us at If you prefer, you can fill out an application on line by following the following 4 steps:

  1. Share your contact information with us, so we know how to reach you.
  2. Tell us what kind of investment product you are interested in.
  3. For some clients, we offer a choice of how we charge advisory fees. Tell us which you prefer.
  4. Download and review investment advisory agreement. Sign the investment advisory agreement and authorization agreement (pages 2 - 10 of this document). Signed agreements can be scanned and returned by email, or sent by postal mail. Review and keep the enclosed brochure (pages 11 - 18 of this document) for your records.

When we receive your application, we will have a discussion with you about your needs and whether our product is right for you. We'll also help you open an account at Interactive Brokers. Interactive Brokers accounts can be opened online at

NOTE: In order for an account to properly implement the Event Horizon strategy, non-IRA accounts must be set up with margin (Reg T Margin for non-IRA accounts) and permission to trade stocks. IRA accounts should be set up as margin IRA accounts. Please call or email Event Horizon if you are uncertain at any point in the Interactive Brokers application process.